We Are All Sydney testimonials

We Are All Sydney graduates and former NSW Minister for Multiculturalism praise the program

Daniel Gobena

Alison Barnard

Amar Singh

Former NSW Minister for Multiculturalism John Sidoti

Question: “What aspects of the program did you enjoy the most”?


“I found the leadership coaching and the conflict resolution sessions to be of great benefit. The program stretched my mind, expanded my networks, sharpened my skills and made me think about what I can do to give back to a country and city that has given me so much”. Alison Barnard

“No matter how open minded we are, we all have some perceptions about other communities. This course was a new window for me. I realised that all of us had the same challenges, concerns and struggles. I look forward working with my new friends on projects that would benefit the community!” Rita Bratanis

“The host JBD were very friendly, warm and friendly. Every session was a great experience with new ideas and thoughts. I’ve heartily enjoyed the debates and discussion. The course also encourages new friendships and dialogue between various multicultural partners”. Amar Singh

“The food was great”. Felix Rotich

“I thought it was well constructed, challenging, and informative and allowed for real world application”. Con Tagaroulias

“I loved everything, there was no repetition. Each week was interesting and very engaging.  All facilitators and presenters were excellent. Lynda and Raveena are two amazing leaders that made us all feel welcomed. Food variety was amazing”. Maria Anthony

“The opportunity to connect with people who are passionate about community wellbeing and learn practical skills such as conflict resolution. The opportunity to network, have a mentor and observe one of the Jewish org”. Daniel Gobena

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