Jewish groups have condemned a rally held earlier this year by extremist Muslim group Hizb-ut-Tahrir in which they called the Jews “evil filth”.

James Morrow
The Daily Telegraph
October 20, 2021

Sickening video has emerged of a pro-Palestine rally in Lakemba in which speakers prayed for Allah to “give us the necks of the Jews” and to purify Jerusalem from “their evil filth”.

Speakers also chanted “destroy the Jews”, “the martyr is beloved by Allah”, and “Oh, Allah, hasten your victory”.

The event, which took place in May during an outbreak of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, was sponsored by the fundamentalist Muslim political group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which has been banned in a number of countries across the Middle East and around the world, but not Australia.

However, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said that her department would continue to take advice about the status of the group.

“There’s no place in Australia for violent extremism or hateful ideologies,” Ms Andrews said.

“I’ll continue to take the advice of my agencies about which groups are listed as terrorist organisations.

“Listing an organisation is one option, but Australia has a range of laws to keep Australians safe,” she added, noting that last week a man was sentenced in NSW Supreme Court for advocating terrorism.

In the video, local Hizb ut-Tahrir chief Ismail al-Wahwah is seen saying, “Allah willing soon, you will see the end of this illegal evil occupier in Palestine.”

Another preacher is seen praying, “Oh Allah, seize (the Jews) with the grip of the almighty, most powerful, oh Allah, give us the necks of the Jews, oh Allah, give us the necks of those evildoers.”

“This event is shocking and confronting, not just to the Jewish community, but to all Australians,” said Darren Bark, chief executive officer of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.

“We know these views are a minority within the community, but this hatred needs to be condemned and addressed without hesitation.”

NSW Shadow Minister for Police and Counter Terrorism Walt Secord said, “I never thought I’d see the day when Australian and NSW authorities would tolerate extreme radicals spewing hate and shouting `give us the necks of the Jews’ and referring to Jews as `filth’ on suburban streets.

“This is not free speech; this is hate speech.”

“It is time the State and Federal governments got serious about tackling hate speech and those spreading this cancer.”

“Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned in Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt and Germany – but not Australia; that is mind boggling.”

Mr Secord had also written to the NSW Police Minister, the NSW Attorney-General and the NSW Minister for Multiculturalism asking what the Perrottet government is doing about this deeply offensive group and what steps it is taking to stop their incitement to hatred towards the Jewish community.