The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies condemns the desecration of the Myall Creek Massacre Memorial by racist vandals that was recently reported to the NSW Police Force.

The memorial is located on the site where the notorious massacre of First Nations people by Europeans took place in 1838.

Our community understands the importance of commemoration and truth telling for justice and healing.

The racist attacks on the Myall Creek Massacre Memorial are completely unacceptable and highlight the need to continue the sharing of stories honouring and paying respect to the Frontier Wars.

Frontier War memorials such as Myall Creek and others around the state are examples of the truth telling which is required to finally attain the genuine reconciliation which we seek in this country.

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is a strong supporter of reconciliation with First Nations Australians.

We will continue to work with First Nations communities and support the efforts that are indicative of the Jewish community’s respect for and acknowledgment of the First Nations of Australia, our appreciation of the importance of Indigenous culture and history, our commitment to the truth, justice and reconciliation process and our shared commitment to combatting racism and all forms of bigotry.

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