Carly Adno
The Australian Jewish News
March 30, 2023

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies president David Ossip has expressed alarm by the findings of CSG’s latest report, which revealed that New South Wales experienced the highest reported number of antisemitic incidents in Australia last year.

CSG recorded 442 incidents in Australia in 2022, a 10 per cent decrease compared to the 490 incidents recorded in 2021. However, this figure still represents a historically high number of antisemitic incidents and is substantially higher than the figures from 2020 and 2018.

NSW experienced 281 antisemitic incidents, the highest reported number, followed by 103 in Victoria, 25 in Western Australia, 14 in Queensland, 10 in South Australia, five incidents in Tasmania, four in the Australian Capital Territory and no reported incidents in the Northern Territory.

“Worryingly, the number of antisemitic incidents is likely to be much higher due to significant under-reporting to CSG and authorities,” Ossip said.

“We remind the community to remain vigilant against all forms of antisemitism and hate, and to report incidents to police and CSG immediately. Fighting hate is everyone’s responsibility and the board, together with our CSG, will continue to combat antisemitism whenever and wherever it appears.”

There was an average of 37 antisemitic incidents reported per month in 2022. The highest number of which were recorded in October, closely followed by September. In the absence of
 any overseas conflict involving Israel, CSG typically records the highest number of antisemitic incidents during the months of September and October, which coincide with the Jewish High Holy Days. Due to the significant increase in Jewish communal activity over that time, there is often 
a corresponding rise in reports of antisemitism
 and opportunistic antisemitic incidents targeting identifiably Jewish individuals walking to and from Jewish sites.

There was one act of extreme violence which involved an assault of a Jewish man by a female offender in Queensland, resulting in hospitalisation for flesh wounds. The 11 antisemitic assaults in 2022 included an assault of two Jewish men outside of a supermarket in a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood in Victoria, also resulting in hospitalisation.

There were 10 threats in 2022, which included a threat in a supermarket to decapitate two Jewish individuals and a threat to attack a synagogue.

Extreme-right discourse was involved in 56 per cent of all antisemitic incidents. This represents the highest nominal
and proportionate number of antisemitic incidents involving extreme-right discourse recorded by CSG. Such a finding is consistent with the reporting of rising levels of far-right extremism in Australia, including specific activity by far-right extremist groups targeting the Jewish community.