2021 Jewish Board of Deputies AGM – Nomination Forms

15 July 2021

Dear Deputy

In accordance with the Constitution, nominations are hereby called for the following positions:


(5) Office Bearers
President        (2) Vice Presidents          Treasurer          Secretary

(5) Ordinary Directors:
(of whom at least one should be aged 30 years or under as at 17 August 2021)


Community Relations – (1) Chair and (6) Members Shoah Remembrance – (1) Chair and (5) Members
Education – (1) Chair and (4) Members Social Justice – (1) Chair and (6) Members
Public Affairs – (1) Chair and (6) Members Representative to the NSW Jewish War Memorial – (1)

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for election, a nominee must be a current financial Elected Deputy or Constituent Deputy as at 15 July 2021. 
In addition, to be eligible for the Office of Director a person must consent in writing to act as a Director (if successfully elected at this year’s AGM) and, all Office-bearers are required to live within 80 kilometres of the Registered Office.

Key Dates

Nominations open today (i.e. on 15 July 2021).  Nomination forms and the Candidate Statement can be accessed below.  They can also be downloaded from the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies website: nswjbd.org 

Nomination forms must be signed by the nominee and a proposer and seconder. Proposers and seconders must also be current financial Deputies as at 15 July 2021.

NOMINATIONS CLOSE at 5pm on Tuesday 3 August 2021.

Completed nomination forms must be:

  • emailed to ydele@nswjbd.org.au or sent by prepaid post to the registered office;
  • accompanied by a candidate statement in the approved form (and must be 350 words or less); and
  • received by the NSWJBD no later than 5pm on 3 August 2021.

Once received by the NSWJBD, the nominee will receive a written confirmation.

Natalie Rubinstein                                     

Please note: a Deputy may nominate for any number of Office-bearer positions and for the five (5) Ordinary Directors but that Deputy’s nomination for all other positions lapses once elected to one position.