Parents at a Rose Bay preschool were shocked to find Nazi swastika graffiti at the front entrance.

Brooke Rolfe
October 15, 2022

A cowardly vandal has painted a Nazi swastika outside a predominantly Jewish preschool in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Parents were left horrified after noticing the anti-semitic display at the front entrance to the Rose Bay school on Thursday.

While the school isn’t entirely Jewish, a large proportion of its attendees are, the Jewish Board of Deputies said.

The NSW government this year introduced a law to criminalise knowingly displaying a Nazi symbol in public without a reasonable excuse.

Anyone caught displaying a Nazi symbol can now face a maximum 12 months’ jail or an $11,000 fine, or both.

While Police were informed and the vile symbol has been removed, parents remain scared for the safety of their children.

One mum said she felt instantly uneasy after spotting the symbol.

“As I got out of the car I saw it out of the corner of my eye and I had such a lump in my throat, I just felt sick and confused,” the parent, who wished to be anonymous, told Daily Telegraph.

“It’s a horrible feeling leaving your child after that at what should be a safe and happy place. It just shows in Rose Bay anti-Semitism is so prevalent right now … you want to protect your kids from it but it’s just the reality of being a Jew,” she said.

It’s understood police are in the process of reviewing security footage.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Darren Bark has strongly condemned “cowardly vandalism”.

“Nobody should have their child exposed to this hatred and intimidation. We’re seeing these vile displays at our football games, at our schools, in our public spaces and now in our preschools,” Mr Bark said.

“This trend is deeply concerning and unacceptable. There is no place in our society for this terrible symbol. It is our collective responsibility to speak up against and call out this hate, wherever it appears.

“Those that commit such acts should expect the full force of the law to come down on them.”