Michael Jaku, Eddie Jaku OAM, Andre Jaku

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  1. Dear Michael & Andre,
    My husband and I have just listened to your father’s story and also the importance of being kind. What an amazing man.
    Very touching. How Eddie and all who survived the atrocities is beyond us.
    My mother, who is 97, was taken away from her family in Poland, at the age of 16, by the Germans. She was fortunate enough to be taken to Germany to work on a farm with a kind German family, and decided to move to Adelaide after the war and never saw her parents again.
    Keep up the excellent work Michael & Andre. I feel as if I know you both.

  2. Hi Renate,

    I have just finished Eddie’s book. I found it very touching and am amazed at how he surived and had the will to live after going through such hell.
    I am Jewish and live in Melbourne. I came to Melbourne in 1980.
    I was born in London where I grew up. Even though my parents never suffered the atrocities of the war like the people of Poland and Germany, they still suffered very badly in the London Blitz and having to live with bombs dropping all around them. My father lost his beloved sister in the last bomb to fall on a block of flats in London. She died along with her 2 small children.
    My father never recovered from this loss and was never the same again.
    I found Eddie’s book an absolute inspiration. I would have loved to have met him.

  3. Dear Eddie, I just listened to your book. There are no words to describe the gift you gave us all by writing it. You and your advice will live on, not just through your family , but through your readers who will remember how precious life is and how important it is to care for other human beings. Thank you , Eddie.

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