Executive Team

Key people

Michael Gencher – Acting CEO
Suzanne Green – Education & Engagement Manager
Tanna Klevansky – Media Officer
Ydele Nathan – Administrative Coordinator
Michael Puterflam – Social Media Content Creator
Romi Rutovitz – Coordinator – Projects

Honorary Officers
David Ossip – President
Natalie Rubinstein – Vice President
Richard Glass – Vice President
Ed Feiner – Honorary Treasurer
Melissa McCurdie – Honorary Secretary
Lesli Berger – Immediate Past President

Directors: Michelle Filler, Jeremy Levy, Gabi Stricker-Phelps, Nathalie Samia, Sam Zweig

Committee chairs/Directors
Julia Sussman – Community Relations
Benjamin Ezzes – Education
Dane Stern – Holocaust Remembrance
Liam O’Callaghan – Public Affairs
Josh Kirsh – Social Justice

Honorary Life Members
Peter Wertheim AM
The Honorable Justice Stephen Rothman AM
Robert Goot AO, SC
David D Knoll AM
Yair Miller OAM

Rabbi Dr Benjamin Elton

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins OAM

Auditor – DFK Laurence Varnay

Honorary Returning Officer – Roger Selby

Executive Council of Australian Jewry councillors (NSW)

Lesli Berger
Jane Feller
Robert Goot AO, SC
David D Knoll AM
Melissa McCurdie
Yair Miller OAM
David Ossip
Nathalie Samia
Jillian Segal AO
Peter Wise AM

Our Committees

Chair: Julia Sussman

The Community Relations Committee works to build constructive partnerships with non-government organisations, ethnic and religious bodies, women’s groups, think tanks and other civil society players.

Chair: Benjamin Ezzes

The Education Committee represents and advocates on behalf of the different arms of Jewish education in the community, liaising with Jewish and non-Jewish education stakeholders to achieve strategic and policy outcomes such as to prevent the rise of anti-Semitism in the education sphere. The committee works collaboratively with Jewish-educational organisations to align existing activities and programs, offer resources and forums of support, and provide an interface with Government and other authorities in the educational arena.

Chair: Dane Stern

The Shoah (Holocaust) Remembrance Committee is responsible for planning events and other initiatives to remember the six million Jews, including one and a half million children, who perished in the Holocaust, and to honour the survivors. The main commemoration events organised by the committee are for Yom Hashoah and Kristallnacht. The committee includes representatives of other organisations involved in Holocaust remembrance, thereby promoting unified Holocaust remembrance activity in the NSW Jewish community.  

Chair: Liam O’Callaghan

The role of the Public Affairs Committee is to provide strategic advice to the CEO and other professional public affairs staff. This is central to the Board of Deputies’ role as the voice of the NSW Jewish community to government, media, academia, think tanks and trade unions. The committee oversees a number of ongoing activities such as political briefings, luncheons, outreach events, Israel study tours, media relations and visits by overseas speakers.

Chair: Josh Kirsh

The Social Justice Committee provides a networking facility for the Board of Deputies for general community outreach and advocacy within the Jewish community on social justice issues.

Issues covered by the committee include: developing policies and protocols for Jewish organisations to ensure the protection of children and young people from abuse within Jewish community institutions;  understanding and responding to issues of disability; mental health; ageing and carers; and associated services for members of the community; understanding the circumstances and needs of families, children and young people experiencing adversity and vulnerability in the Jewish community; housing and homelessness; working cooperatively with relevant community organisations in the Jewish community and consulting with welfare organisations in the broader community on these issues; cooperative Jewish and Indigenous activities.