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21 November Australian Jewish News - The Israel they don't report, an article by Vic Alhadeff

Media Release from President Yair Miller, October 29 

Sydney Morning HeraldChange law - punish those who incite racial violence, an article by Vic Alhadeff 

Barrier Daily Truth, Broken Hill ,3 October 2013, Jewish group in first visit, an article by Vic Alhadeff.

Sydney Morning Herald, Monday August 26, King's dream just a sleeper but for Mahalia Jackson, an article by Vic Alhadeff.

Australian Jewish News, Thursday July 18  Rhodes: Embracing the Past an article by Vic Alhadeff.


Wednesday November 21: Vic Alhadeff, defends Israel's strikes on Gaza against claims they are 'disproportionate'. Click here to hear the full podcast.

Kristallnacht: The Board's annual ceremony marked the 74th anniversary of the Night of Broken Glass. Mark Dreyfus QC MP, the Member for Isaacs made the keynote address. Click here

In Memory of Munich: Article of the Board's CEO, Vic Alhadeff, 'London must pause to remember murdered Munich team' in  The Australian 29 June 2012.

ARTICLE from The Australians for Palestine website: The Board's CEO, Vic Alhadeff, responds to Abe Qadan's article on The Australians for Palestine website.

Holocaust Remembrance: ABC News Radio Mornings with John Barron:

JOHN BARRON: Jews around the world are preparing for memorial services to ommemorate the holocaust. Events taking place will honour the six million Jews killed during the Second World War, and the survivors, as well as recognise those who had the courage to defy the Nazi regime, and rescue people. Tonight a memorial service in Sydney's east will also feature a presentation from Melbourne, the Melbourne author Elliot Perlman. Vic Alhadeff the - Chief Executive of, the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, says it's important to remember what took place, and to make sure that it never happens again

VIC ALHADEFF: The importance of commemorating the holocaust lies in the universal lessons which derived from it. In other words, the holocaust did not occur in a vacuum, it was the culmination of a series of steps which evolved from marginalising a minority group, to discriminating, and then to violence. So it stands as an ultimate case study of where racial hatred can lead.

Australian Jewish News, April 4 - Doublethink at the UN The Board's CEO, Vic Alhadeff, discusses the UN Human Rights Council and its latest act of duplicity:

The Australian, March 1 - Israel: It's not Black and White'  Vic Alhadeff, counteracts Israel Apartheid Week on Australian university campuses. 



The Australian, December 16, Letter by the Board's CEO Vic Alhadeff: 'Support for Christmas'

The Australian Jewish News, November 4 - Op-ed by the Board's CEO Vic ALhadeff. 'Confronting the past' 

ABC TV 'Big Ideas' - The Board branded event with Howard Jacobson, winner of 2010 Man Booker Prize for "The Finkler Question"

The Australian Jewish News - Board's President, Yair Miller on Marrickville's BDS resolution and its role in 2011 State Elections.

Radio 2UE - Board's CEO, Vic Alhadeff, returns to Radio 2UE to debate Israel and Palestine.

Radio 2UE, February 17 - Board's CEO, Vic Alhadeff discusses the issues that divide the Middle East 

Op-Ed by Board's President, Yair Miller in The Australian Jewish News: 'The real threat of BDS' 28 Jan 2011



Sydney Media Address, October 21: Itamar Marcus, Director of Jerusalem based Palestinian Media Watch addresses Sydney media.

Board's CEO Vic Alhadeff was interviewed on ABC 'Daily Shift' with Scott Levi.  Alhadeff notes there is no synagogue on the Central Coast but there is a small but active community. He says his visit to the Central Coast this week was to speak to the wider community, rather than the Jewish community.

He says the mandate of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is social inclusion and harmony throughout NSW, summing it up as 'bridge building.' He explains one of the programs the board runs called Respect, Understanding and Acceptance, noting he spoke about it on the Central Coast. He says the program involves bringing together 200 high school students who are Christian, Armenian, Jewish, Muslim and hopefully Aboriginal to build respect between each other. He praises Erina High School for the caliber and respect of their students.

ABC TV, Stateline, July 9: Board's CEO Vic Alhadeff St Ives Eruv

Australian politicians speak out at community gathering

On Sunday 6 June 2001, the Sydney Jewish community turned out in large numbers at central Synagogue to hear reports about the Gaza flotilla incident. The gathering was addressed by Members of  Parliament from both major parties - Malcolm Turnbull, Mark Dreyfus and Mike Kelly - demonstrating the continuing strong bipartisan support in Australia for Israel and against the orchestrated global campaign of delegitimisation against it. A simultaneous event was held at Kehillat Masada Synagogue for the North Shore community. Below are 3 version of the video of the Central Synagogue event, the first being 4 min long and others containing more details.

Short version

Full video Part 1

Full video Part 2

Opening comments by the Board's President Robin Margo S.C. at the Jewish Community   gathering at Central Synagogue 6 June 2010

Flotilla Facts Short version

Flotilla Facts Long version 

ABC Radio Illawarra, May 13: Board's CEO, Vic Alhadeff responds to an interview with Prof George Bisharat advocating boycott of Israeli goods and services.

Israel's 62nd Anniversary of Independence, May 12, 2010:

Notes of speech of the then Board's President Robin Margo S.C.

Address of the then Premier, The Hon Kristina Keneally MP

Daily Telegraph, May 11: Holocaust's modest hero honoured

Newcastle Herald, May 8: Honour for New Lambton Heights woman who defied Nazis

Wentworth Courier, April 12: A Hand in History 


ECAJ Statement of Principles about Trade Unions and the Jewish Community 04/05/09 



ABC Unleashed, August 30"Questions for Hamas" by Vic Alhadeff

ABC Sydney, "The World in Sydney" series: Interview with Dr Anne Sarzin and her daughter Lisa, local authors of the new book Hand in Hand:Jewish and Indigenous people working together. Click here 

SMH, Oct 28, page 2 - Text withdrawn: Cambridge University Press withdrew from sale a religious studies book used as an HSC text following complaints from the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies stating that it contains antisemtic slurs. A statement said the decision was in relation to the 'concerns' about Cambridge Studies of Religion.


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