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Media Contacts and Tips

Tips on Responding to the Media

  •  It is important to submit letters regularly. A few short lines expressing your measured feelings or thoughts about something you have read or heard is very important. The more letters that are submitted, the more likely it will be that one such letter expressing a similar point of view will get published.
  • Encourage your friends and relatives to make a habit of writing letters and calling news outlets to express their concern, frustration or disappointment (never anger) about what has been published/broadcast.
  • When writing letters to the Editor, keep responses short and respectful. Most publications won’t print more than three paragraphs.
  • Back up statements with facts.
  • Feel free to personalise the issue (put a human face to it), but don’t get emotional. Avoid anger that removes the focus from the facts and undermines your credibility.
  • If you write directly to the journalist (as opposed to the Letters Editor) keep in mind that you are writing to correct fact and impression. Point out the omissions or distortions. Never be personal and never attack a journalist’s character.
  • If your letter gets printed, write a short note thanking the Editor for allowing your concerns to be heard.
  • Make the time you spend letter-writing even more valuable by sending/emailing copies to other appropriate people. For example, if you are writing about an unbalanced report on a television network, write to the reporter, but also send a copy to Head of News Programming.
  • Another way to add value to your letter-writing is to revise it in order to submit it to the Australian Jewish News.
  • If you have a hot topic about which you would like to educate the Jewish community, call the Editor of the Australian Jewish News and ask if you can write an opinion piece for the paper.



1. Television


      ABC - 4 Corners

      ABC - 7.30 Report

      ABC - Foreign Correspondent

      ABC - Lateline

      ABC - News Online

      ATN Channel 7

      Network Ten

      SBS TV

      Sky News Australia

      TCN Channel Nine - 60 Minutes

      TCN Channel Nine - A Current Affair

      TCN Channel Nine - National Nine News

      TCN Channel Nine - Sunday


2. Radio


      2JJJ News

      ABC (2BL - 702)

      ABC News Radio

      ABC Radio National


      Radio 2GB

      Radio 2UE 


3. Daily Newspapers


      Sydney Morning Herald
     Letters submissions to
     Editorial feedback is to

      The Australian Letters to 

      The Australian Financial Review Letters to

      The Daily Telegraph Letters to


4. Weekly Newspapers


      The Australian Jewish News Letters to

      The Canberra Times Letters form at

      The Sun Herald Comments form at

      The Sunday Telegraph Letters to


5. Local Newspapers


Hills News

Liverpool Champion

Northern News

North Shore Times

Parramatta Sun

Penrith Star

The Glebe and Inner Western Weekly Letters to

The Leader

The Manly Daily Letters to

The Mosman Daily Letters to

6. Online media - opinion forums



New Matilda

Online Opinion


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