APP Manual


The App is available for Apple and Android smartphones.

The App can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play stores. Just search for JBOD.

The Apple Store link is HERE

The Google Play link is HERE

App Description

The APP shows on the phone main screen with icon   

The App functionality includes:

  • Display of events registered on the NSWJBD website
  • Display of directory listings registered on the NSWJBD website
  • Calendar for Jewish holidays (Chagim), and Shabbat
  • Incident form for reporting antisemitic incidents
  • Contact form for liaising with the NSWJBD
  • Personalisation of information display and notifications

The following are the APP screens:

Page Navigation icons are at the footer of the screen. The tutorial is available via the Settings Page.


Welcome Page

Enter your phone number and email address to validate communications.

Events Page

Scroll through communal events in date order. The event types displayed are set in your Settings page. The background image has a default where event originators have not specified an image. Click on any event to see more detail. Save events to your phone calendar by clicking Add to calendar in the page header.

Directory Page

Scroll through an alphabetical index of directory information. Use the right hand side alphabet to jump to selected index. Use the search field to search by category or keyword for directory listings. Save listings to your phone contact by clicking Add to contacts + in the page header.

Calendar (Chagim and Shabbats) Page

Scroll through an index of Chagim and Shabbat periods by month. Click on any entry to get more detail on the period. The next approaching Shabbat times are displayed with the Weekly Parashah in the header area of the screen.

Contact Page

Communicate with the NSWJBD for general information and feedback. Submit incidents that the NSWJBD needs to be aware of.

Settings Page

Choose the event categories and date/organisation filters you want displayed. Choose the location for your Shabbat times. Set your preference for information to be pushed to your phone. Show the APP tutorial whenever you need it.

The information shown by the JBOD

The information shown by the JBOD App is entered via the NSWJBD website at

Use the NSWJBD website to:

  • create community directory listings
  • create community events

You will need to be a Subscriber to the website to enter the directory listings and events. The website has a registration form.