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Rainbow Kehilah - The North Rivers Jewish Community Inc



Mission Statement: 






Rainbow Kehilah - The North Rivers Jewish Community Inc

In a nutshell:
* We are an incorporated body with GST and government reporting obligations
* We have a committee of 7 people who meet every month to discuss and plan events through the year
* We are not affiliated with any other Jewish body – either religious or social
* Our religious services range from orthodox to liberal, depending on who is running the service
* We are not politically affiliated and have a policy of not being involved in any political discussion or comment that claims to represent Rainbow Kehilah and its members
* We are not religiously affiliated with any governing body either here or overseas, and we have a policy of trying to encompass all levels of observance
* We have no Rabbi and no Schul but it is a vision for our future
* We publish a newsletter several times a year (about every 2-3 months, depending on planned events) and we also email Event Notices (to members and non-members) when an event is being publicised
* We accept that we can’t always represent every member’s wishes for how our community should be run, or where it should be affiliated, but we try to plan events around what most of the community wants.

Susi Edwards

0488 158 802


PO Box 56
Suffolk Park NSW 2481

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