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Report of the Kashrut Commission of Inquiry 

Statement from NSWJBD President

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies fully endorses the Commission's recommendations and, in partnership with other community-minded organisations, we will strive to see that they are implemented. 

Kashrut is crucial to Jewish life and we strongly believe that the Commission's recommendations, once implemented, will deliver the transparency, accountability and meaningful competition that the community demands.

We specifically commend the Commission for recommending a number of cost- saving measures aimed at lowering the cost of keeping kosher in NSW. 

The recommendations are fundamentally concerned with Jewish continuity; we don't want keeping kosher to be priced out of reach for Jewish families.

The report clearly shows that reforms are needed. We believe delaying doing so any longer would be to disadvantage the observant members of our community and other consumers of kosher products. 

I look forward to working with our colleagues, including the Kashrut Authority, whose technical excellence in this area is unparalelled, in the spirit of Ahavat Israel to ensure that these important changes are implemented and that our model for kashrut arrangements becomes the best in the Jewish world.  

Finally, I would like to thank the Commissioners, in particular Chairman Robert Gavshon, for producing such a rigorous and thorough report and for the months of hard work and dedication that they expended on behalf of our community.


"Correction: Please note that Kesser Torah College had no involvement  and played no role in the the KCI's deliberations or final Report." 

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