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Jewish National Fund of Australia Inc (JNF)



Mission Statement: 




Jewish National Fund of Australia Inc (JNF)

To maintain and improve the environment and to enhance the quality of life in Israel; to support local environmental
projects (eg. Australia-Israel Friendship Groves)
Diverse activities include afforestation; land reclamation; dams and rivers; clearing of riverbeds; research and development;
general support of sustainable environmentally friendly infrastructure.
Fundraising is by means of Blue Box Campaigns, Green Sunday Telephone Campaign, Smachot, Trees and Golden Book
Certificates, Wills and Bequests, Special Projects (e.g. Arava Australia in the Negev, Yizkor Forest, Maccabi Australia Forest,
Water for Galil, Yarkon River Rehabilitation, Negev Tomorrow)

02 9389 5466

02 9389 5330

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