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Emergency Contact Number - 1300 5367 28 (1300 JEMP AU)

JEMP NSW (Jewish Emergency Management Plan of NSW), prepared under the auspices of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, is a community-based initiative able to provide a coordinated management plan to deal with any major emergency, either locally or overseas, which may affect NSW Jews.  In November 2008 JEMP was awarded the Emergency Management Australia Safer Communities Award in the Volunteer Organisation category recognising JEMP as best practice in Australia and a model on which other communities can build.  

JEMP NSW is the co-coordinating agency of the NSW Jewish community, in the event of a natural disaster, medical emergency or a terrorist related emergency.  JEMP is aimed at supplementing State and Federal Emergency Services. 

JEMP works with Jewish organisations and communal infrastructure to assist in emergency management planning. JEMP NSW will implement emergency management plans utilising the resources of all relevant Jewish communal organisations, communal infrastructure and human resources available to the Jewish community.  

JEMP NSW operates a 24/7 emergency hotline, 1300 5367 28 (1300 JEMP AU), available to the Jewish community and to the NSW emergency services.  JEMP provides direct assistance to people affected by an emergency via the 1300 number and through the use of trained volunteers

During an emergency JEMP will be able to provide or bring together and co-ordinate the activities of:-

  • Media Liaison – Getting one message out together with emergency services
  • The Communal Security Group (CSG).
  • Hatzolah -  Jewish first aid and initial medical responder teams
  • JewishCare  
  • Jewish House
  • Our Big Kitchen
  • The Chevra Kadisha (Jewish Funeral services)
  • Kosher food suppliers
  • Religious counselling and access to Orthodox and Progressive Rabbis
  • Advice on Jewish issues that may arise as a result of the emergency
  • Jewish communal resources and infrastructure.
  • Interpreter services 

JEMP also aims to:-

  • Provide overall control and coordination and effective mass casualty management in emergencies.
  • To coordinate and provide disaster relief directly to affected persons, where possible, utilising the resources of the NSW Jewish community.
  • To provide members of the public, community leaders, organisations and emergency service organisations with a single central point of contact in a major emergency.
  • To assist emergency service organisations in dealing with issues affecting the NSW Jewish community.
  • To provide public access to a communication centre for the dissemination of vital information to interested parties in times of a major emergency.
  • To eliminate or reduce the incidence or severity of an emergency and mitigate their effects.
  • To assist NSW Jewish communal organisations in planning for an emergency.
  • To work within and maintain safety and security regulations of NSW and Federal laws and standards.

To contact JEMP...

Emergency Contact Number - 1300 5367 28 (1300 JEMP AU)

Non Emergency Calls  - 9360 1600

Email :

Fax: 9331 4712

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