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Articles of Interest   
Articles of Interest
Yom Hashoah 2015
15 November - 10- facts of israel
Aldi article AJN July 25 re BDS   
Aldi article AJN July 25 re BDS
Barrier Daily Truth, Broken Hill   
Barrier Daily Truth, Broken Hill
Media Release - Assault on Bondi 29 October 2013   
Media Release - Assault on Bondi 29 October 2013
Statement on racial vilification law in NSW   
Statement on racial vilification law in NSW
Media Release_Vic Alhadeff_Appointment CRC   
Media Release_Vic Alhadeff_Appointment CRC
Alhadeff takes on multiculturalism   
Alhadeff takes on multiculturalism
ECAJ Feb 13 2014 - Joint media statement   
ECAJ Feb 13 2014 - Joint media statement
News articles   
News articles
Letters to the press   
Responses to Mike Carlton's antisemitic article July 201
JBD in the media - 2013-2008   
JBD in the media - 2008-2013 - archive
Hizb ut-Tahrir leader’s speech reveals our peaceful values are taken for granted   
The Australian - article by Vic Alhadeff
Battlefield of ideas is where fanatics will fall The Australian   
By Janet Albrechtesn
Frydenberg to speak at Yom Hashoah   
2015 Frydenberg to speak at Yom Hashoah
Europeans turning a blind eye amid rising tide of antisemitism   
Europeans turning a blind eye amid rising tide of antisemitism - Australian article March 8
Call for race hate action over extremist rants against jews   
The Australian article march 10 2015
Race-hate complaint against Hizb ut-Tahrir to be fast-tracked   
The Australian - article 11 March 2015 Race hate complaint against Hizb ut-Tahrir to be fast-tracked
Jewish group wants Hizb-ut-Tahrir figures prosecuted   
Jews to pay with blood extremist   
The Australian March 13
Calls for sacking of professor over ‘anti-Semitic’ actions   
The Australian March 16 2015
Radical tolerance for the Left but intolerance towards conservatives   
The Australian March 14 2015
Protesters disown their university values   
The Australian March 17 2015
Protest goes against what universities stand for   
• The Australian • March 18, 2015 12:00AM • Letters AS an alumnus of the University of Sydney, I am appalled at the behaviour of some students and some staff (“Protesters disown their university values’’, 17/3). Debate has always been part of university life — even very robust debate. The aggressive imposition of the misguided beliefs on a visiting speaker by an unrepresentative group of ¬activists is a development which is to be condemned and action should be taken to prevent such behaviour. It is now time for the university to demonstrate real leadership. The silent acceptance of this development will ensure that outside speakers will be unwilling to subject themselves to harassment and abuse simply to provide interested students the benefit of their experience. Let us see how the university leadership wants itself to be seen. Robert Schwartz, Dover Heights, NSW A SHOCKING spectacle emerged on the University of Sydney campus last week, challenging the core ethos of a university. The bonfires and book burning of 1930s Nazi Germany similarly signalled a violent opposition to challenging ideas such as “theoretical physics’’, termed “Jewish physics” by Aryan ideologues. Jake Lynch of the university’s Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies should understand, better than most, that freedom of expression and the free dissemination of ideas should not be stifled lest great new perspectives and innovations, such as Albert Einstein’s gift to our understanding of the modern world of science, be subsumed. Adam Rapaport, Bondi Junction, NSW BY now it is surely clear to note the irony that Jake Lynch is director of the university’s Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies; his actions seem more fitting to his namesake. The question is: what appropriate disciplinary action will the university now take? Libby Burke, Ashgrove, Qld NOT even the most casual student of history could fail to see the parallels between the strident anti-Semitism of the self-
Victorious Benjamin Netanyahu needs Palestinian outreach   
The Australian March 19 2015
No to Zionism theatre rejects Jewish act   
The Australian March 23 2015
MPs’ insults ‘trivialise reality of life under the Nazi jackboot   
The Australian March 24 2015
Where the right to speak is howled down   
The Australian 2 April 2015
Weakened Barack Obama makes Iran the winner in Mid-East chaos   
The Australian April 2 2015
Leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir ‘committed serious breach of race law’   
The Australian April 8
From hell to safe harbour for Eva and Ibi   
The Australian April 11 2015
Pro-Palestine lecturer faces Sydney University sanction   
The Australian April 16 2015
Jewish ‘warrior’ Diggers hailed for World War I service   
The Australian Article by: Ean Higgins
Miranda Devine's Desert Island Discs features NSW Jewish Board of Deputies Chief Executive Vic Alhadeff
The Hon. Scott Farlow MLC   
ISRAEL INDEPENDENCE DAY The Hon. SCOTT FARLOW [7.15 p.m.]: Tonight I speak about Israel's sixty-seventh Independence Day. Last week I had the great fortune of attending the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies function in celebration of Israel's sixty-seventh Independence Day. Of course, Israel's Independence Day marks the great occasion when the State of Israel was formed under the leadership of Ben-Gurion back in 1948. It is important for the Jewish people to have a home, for those who have been denied their land for 2,000 years to be reunited in their homeland Zion. This evening I shall reflect on some of my past experiences with the Jewish community in Australia, particularly in a personal sense. My best friend is Jewish. At school that did not seem to me to be surprising or strange. When it was talked about in a Jewish poem, I raised the fact that Eugene was Jewish. I was surprised when he told me afterwards that I should not mention that fact, that I should keep it quiet. I found out why that was the case: following that comment he was assaulted by some students. That has always stood with me. Unfortunately, anti-Semitism still exists in our society today. I live in Lindfield. When we moved to Lindfield a couple of years ago Masada College was still operating. As we passed that school, my wife asked me why there was a place with a security guard just two streets away from our home. I told her it was a school. She was shocked and appalled; she could not believe that a school would need a security guard on a Saturday. Unfortunately, this is something that people in our community, particularly the Jewish community, face in Sydney and New South Wales today. The Jewish Board of Deputies must constantly address this issue. The offices of the Jewish Board of Deputies are definitely more secure than this Parliament. Indeed, they are probably more secure than anywhere else in this city and State, except for perhaps the United States consulate, because a
Full Day Hansard Transcript (Legislative Council, 13 May 2015 – NSW Parliament)
Replacing Israel with a unitary Arab-Jewish state is lunacy   
Ted Lapkin: The Australian May 26, 2015
Call out for letters from Anne Frank’s father   
Max Margan The Australian June 3, 2015
Richard Di Natale ‘caved in’ to [anti-]Israel extremists: Julie Bishop   
Christian Kerr: The Australian, June 5, 2015
Israel showed care in a just Gaza war   
Israel showed care in a just Gaza war - The Australian June 10 2015
Josh Frydenberg abused as ‘tinkering Jew’ by financial adviser   
The Australian - June 29 2015
Tinkering Jew’ slur costs planner   
The Australian June 30 2015
Millions made human shields   
The weekend Australia article 11 July 2015
Australians cannot ignore ‘comfortably racist’ remarks   
Vic Alhadeff The Australian, 25 July 2015
History hangs heavily in the struggle against evil Read more:   
The Sydney Morning Herald Vic Alhadeff, 27 July 2015
Stabbing attack in Jerusalem - ECAJ statement   
knife attack at the Pride March in Jerusalem where six people were stabbed. July 31 2015
Joint Statement on racism directed at Adam Goodes   
“Australia must and can be better than this”
Far-right fringe raises profile by reclaiming immigration debate   
The Australian August 8 by John Lyons
World War II saga: Gail Wiltshire revisits Ilse Aichinger’s novel   
The Australian: August 8 By: Tess Livingstone
Aussie lifesavers drop in so Israeli nippers on board with wave safety   
Jamie Walker The Australian, 15 August 2015
Hizb ut-Tahrir leader’s race-hate speech fails to trigger action   
The Australian August 19 2015
Mel Gibson’s Jewish cameo   
The Australian August 24, 2015 Sharri Markson
Radical Jew hater spared prosecution   
Daily telegraph August 26 2015
Anger at DPP decision not to prosecute over anti-Jewish rant   
Anthony Klan The Australian, August 28 2015
Anger at DPP decision not to prosecute over anti-Jewish rant   
The Australian August 27 2015
They want to kill us and the law does nothing Daily Telegraph   
IN a bile-filled rant, a Sydney preacher recently called for death to a group of Australians because of their ethnic identity. The law was unable to do anything about it. It was impotent, powerless to act.
Push to tighten NSW Race hate laws   
The NSW government is considering tightening race hate laws after police were unable to act against the local leader of extremist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir over a public speech that called for Muslims to “rid” the world of “Jewish hidden evil”. The Australian September 3 2015
Seeds of goodwill sprout from Israel’s valley of plenty   
Rachel Baxendale, The Australian
Alan Jones talks to Vic Alhadeff   
Alan talks to the head of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies about the repeated failure of authorities to crack down on racial hatred. Read more at ttp://
Taunts to trigger race hate laws overhaul   
The Australian - Anthony Klan NSW Jewish Board of Deputies
Ethnic push on race hate laws   
The Australian by Anthony Klan Six ethnic groups join with the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies to push for a tightening of race hate laws
A day in the life of playing Hitler   
The Australian: no Author October 9 2015
With anti-Semitism rampant, Jews should rethink Spanish citizenship   
Haaretz, 2 November 2015 By Margarita Gokun Silver
Signing on to Australian values is part of the deal   
Editorial, The Australian November 3, 2015
Murdering civilians OK but Israel’s ‘excessive’ response condemned   
Vic Alhadeff, The Australian
Wyatt Roy says Israel offers lesson in how to encourage start-ups   
Wyatt Roy says Israel offers lesson in how to encourage start-ups The Australian November 12 2015
Thorney cash gives iAngels wings   
The Australian November 24 2015
Travelling in Israel in this climate   
Travelling in Israel in this climate - Daily Telegraph November 28, Ben English.
Jewish community looks back on exodus from Egypt   
Ean Higgins, The Australian
Holocaust denier’s suit thrown out as ‘abuse of process’   
Chris Merritt, The Australian
Celebrate this great river and its many tributaries   
Vic Alhadeff, The Australian
Left’s new misogynist front against Israel   
Left’s new misogynist front against Israel The Australian December 8 2015
Progressives risk all in blind embrace of the ‘improved’ Iran   
Bret Stephens, The Wall Street Journal
Julie Bishop calls for Bill Shorten to stop ALP ban on Israel visits   
The Australian, Christian Kerr & Tessa Akerman
Bob Carr going off like a two-bob watch over the Middle East   
Michael Danby, The Daily Telegraph
Labor compromise struck on Israel trips   
Mark Coultan The Australian, NSW Political Correspondent
Sydney University set to demote peace studies centre   
The Australian February 25 2015
Lily Brett: Dad Max, Manhattan, and me   
Caroline Overington Associate Editor, The Australian
Federal election 2016: Greens’ anti-Israel propaganda funded by taxpayers   
Simon Benson, The Daily Telegraph
ISIS offshoot links with Hamas in Sinai   
Rory Jones, The Wall Street Journal
Terror comes again to Tel Aviv   
Terror comes again to Tel Aviv by Alex Ryvchin, Daily Telegraph June 10 2016
Miep Gies risked all under Nazis to help Anne Frank and others   
The Australian, Vic Alhadeff
Palestinians and Islamic State finding common ground in art of urban terror   
by Alex Ryvchin June 19 2016, Daily Telegraph
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull dines with hate preacher   
James Campbell and Rob Harris Herald Sun
Bastille Day marks a new low in French anti-Semitism   
Australian Financial Review Vic Alhadeff
Mitch Fifield asks ABC to please explain Q&A over Khaled Elomar   
REBECCA URBANThe Australian12:00AM July 23, 2016
Swastikas and racist graffiti deface Bondi Beach   
Nick Hansen, The Daily Telegraph
So discriminating against Jews is still ok?   
Caleb Bond, The Daily Telegraph
The Meaning of an Olympic Snub   
Bret Stephens, The Wall Street Journal
Unsung sprinters’ dreams died to keep Hitler happy   
Vic Alhadeff, The Weekend Australian
The fall of Deputy Premier Troy Grant   
Warren Mundine, The Daily Telegraph August 25, 2016
Taking the fight to combat brazen bigotry: Law must call the shots to stamp out hate   
Vic Alhadeff, The Daily Telegraph
NSW Anti-Discrimination Act’s 20D impossible to apply   
Chris Merritt, The Australian
Israel holds key to peace, if only the leftists would listen   
Rowan Dean, The Daily Telegraph September 26, 2016
Leaked Emails Show Clinton Keen To Patch Things Up With Netanyahu   
Ron Kampeas, The Times of Israel
States could bolster hate laws if Canberra repeals 18C   
Mark Coultan, The Australian
Sydney sheik Youssef Hassan downplays Jewish hate claim   
Rachel Baxendale, The Australian
Ku-ring-gai Council has approved the Jewish eruv in St Ives in a landmark decision   
Jessica Rapana, North Shore Times
Australians respect their own religion by respecting others   
The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is the elected representative body for Australian Jews in NSW, recognised by the NSW government, its agencies, media and other ethnic and religious groups
Rabbi pans Sydney mayor’s anti-Israel ‘boycott’   
The Australian, January 16 2017 Sam Buckingham-Jones
Welcome, Mr Netanyahu: the first Israeli PM to visit Australia   
Australia was the first country to vote in favour of the 1947 UN partition resolution adopted by the General Assembly, which led to the establishment of Israel in 1948.
Benjamin Netanyahu visit is historic moment for Australia and Israel   
Benjamin Netanyahu visit is historic moment for Australia and Israel
John Laws Vic Alhadeff on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Australian visit   
John Laws interviewed Vic Alhadeff about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's historic visit to Australia
Labor’s Hawke, Rudd and Evans invite ridicule by maligning Israel   
Labor’s Hawke, Rudd and Evans invite ridicule by maligning Israel
Jews are the first peoples of Israel – with a right to exist   
Jews are the first peoples of Israel – with a right to exist
Greek tragedy and tales of heroism during Holocaust remembrance   
Greek tragedy and tales of heroism during Holocaust remembrance
Israel treats thousands of war-wounded Syrians   
Israel continues to provide aid to thousands of Syrian civilians.
The ABC show teaching kids to sympathise with ISIS   
By Miranda Devine, Daily Telegraph
You Shall Not Play Wagner

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