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Israel holds key to peace, if only the leftists would listen

Rowan Dean, The Daily Telegraph
September 26, 2016 12:00am

Cue wild applause. Last week in New York, at the United Nations, a certain recently re-elected Prime Minister gave the speech of his life, and in doing so transformed himself from everyday politician to global statesman.

His speech was full of optimism, as he spoke of his “innovation” agenda, of his belief that freedom will always overcome fear, and that hope will ­always overcome hatred.

He boasted that these are exciting times and that he is proud to be the Prime Minister of one of the most tolerant, multicultural, diverse nations on the planet.

In front of the assembled delegates of the UN, where the world’s worst despots regularly congregate, the PM proudly pointed out that in his country gays hang out in bars and ­coffee shops, rather than swinging by the neck from cranes or being flung off rooftops.

That in his multicultural nation Christians, Muslims, Jews and other denominations live and work with mutual respect side-by-side, rather than in racial or religious hostility.

That in his country women are not only free to do as they please but lead political parties, head major corporations, run universities, even fly fighter jets, rather than being discriminated against as second-class citizens.

This speech was the making of the Prime Minister and it was a joy to listen to.

I wish I could say it was Malcolm Turnbull’s speech, but it wasn’t. This was the speech by Benjamin Netanyahu, elected last year (for the fourth time) as Prime Minister of Israel — the Middle East’s only democracy.

The speech ran for 40 minutes, but every second was riveting. Why?

Firstly, Netanyahu declared his “war” with the United Nations is over. This despite the fact the UN has been (and still is) one of the most virulently anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli organisations on earth.

As Netanyahu pointed out, last year the UN General Assembly passed 20 resolutions against Israel, but (hilariously) only three against the rest of the world combined.

“As women are being systematically raped, murdered, sold into slavery, which is the only country that the UN’s Commission on Women chose to condemn this year?” he asked. “Yep, you guessed it — Israel.” On top of which, “UNESCO just denied the 4000-year connection between the Jewish people and its holiest site, the Temple Mount. That’s just as absurd as denying the connection between the Great Wall of China and China.”

The “moral force” that the original UN once was has become a “moral farce”, he joked. But — and this is important — Netanyahu believes the days of demonising Israel at the UN are ending.

He explained: “Back home, your governments are rapidly changing their attitudes towards Israel.

“More and more nations in Asia, in Africa, in Latin America see Israel as a potent partner — a partner in fighting the terrorism of today, a partner in developing the technology of ­tomorrow.”

From a country that started out in the 1950s growing oranges for a living Israel is now (take note, Malcolm) genuinely an “innovation nation”.

It is one of the world’s leaders in all sorts of technologies — including ­recycling waste water, combating climate change, irrigating deserts, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

But the PM was only warming up. “I’m going to surprise you even more. You see, the biggest change in attitudes towards Israel is taking place … in the Arab world.”

And this was the crux of his speech. Thanks to the horrors of IS, the muddle-headedness and weakness of Obama and the sinister nuclear schemings of Iran, it’s dawning on many Muslim countries that Israel is NOT their enemy, but rather, is potentially a crucial friend and ally.

What’s more, as fanatical Muslims kill innocent people randomly in the streets of New York, Europe and even Sydney, more and more sane people are realising that most of the Arab violence and hostility towards Israel in the past was actually fomented by Islamic extremists. When it comes to terrorism, we’re all Israelis now.

Of course, for our own latte-sipping lefties and Greenies, hatred of Israel is an irrational, sick badge of honour, so Netanyahu’s speech will be dismissed by them with their usual sneering intolerance. Yet Netanyahu went to great lengths to explain his desire for peace with the Palestinians, offering, yet again, to sit down with President Abbas and draw up a plan for two states. But that, of course, is the problem. Many of the Palestinian leaders (as I know, having asked the question in person at the PLO headquarters in Ramallah) are only interested in two states if BOTH states are Muslim and there’s “only a handful of Jews” in the place called Israel. Despite the bloody-mindedness of the Palestinians and the anti-Semitism of the Left, Israel’s future is looking bright. We should all applaud that.

PC nonsense if failing our children

I will try to write this bit of the page with words of one syllab … (damn! I failed already!) so that kids who are current … (oops, again!) being educate … oh I give up.

The point I wanted to make is that we are dumbing down and betraying an entire generation thanks to political correctness.

The latest abuse of our children’s education comes from Victoria, where you can boost your HSC marks, and make it easier to get into uni courses that you’re otherwise too dumb for, by claiming you were “discriminated against” because of “homophobia” or “transphobia”.

So here’s how education now works in Victoria.

Early years are spent wandering in and out of the opposite sex toilets so you can appreciate “gender fluidity”. Later years are spent “penis-tucking” and “breast-binding” while role-playing at being gay, lesbian or drunk. Finally, because you haven’t learned anything, you fail. But you can claim “special consideration” because of “homophobia” to get into uni!

I can think of several classic single-syllable words to describe this leftie #$%^.

Ridiculous Bank Admission
Stick this into the “you only had one job …” basket.

Dr Philip Lowe, the new governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, has suggested that cutting interest rates hasn’t really done all that much for our economy.

“There are better ways” than to keep cutting interest rates,’’ he admitted last week.

And worse, he ‘fessed up that the constant cutting of rates “has not been particularly useful”. Thanks, Phil. Now you tell us. The RBA has really only got one job to do, and that’s to keep interest rates at a level that helps to keep the economy kicking along.

After Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan destroyed the brilliant economy Peter Costello left us, Lowe and his former boss Glenn Stevens dragged interest rates ever and ever lower to try to stimulate growth, until now, where they sit at a pathetic 1.5 per cent. This is great news for people with mortgages, obviously, but it is an absolute disaster for self-funded retirees.

So the retirees suffer, the economy suffers because retirees don’t have any cash to splash around, and it was all for no purpose anyway.

Great work, team. No doubt this mob will all now go and give themselves a hefty pay rise to celebrate.

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