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The Australian
Friday, October 9, 2015
Page 10

Berlin: An actor playing Adolf Hitler for a film set in the present day warned that many Germans had “not learnt much from history” and that he had received a warm reception while travelling around the country dressed as the Nazi leader.

Oliver Masucci, pictured, mingled with Germans after two hours in make-up to become the Fuhrer for scenes in Look Who’s Back and found them eager to share their fears about foreigners. Masucci, 46, even drove around Berlin in an open car and was greeted with friendly waves, including what Der Spiegel called “ambiguous” outstretched arms. The “Hitler greeting”, or Nazi salute, is a criminal offence in Germany. 

The film, which opened overnight in German cinemas, is based on the best-selling book by Timur Vermes in which a bemused Hitler wakes up on the side of his wartime bunker in modern-day Berlin to find a multicultural society and a female leader. He is taken for an impersonator and becomes a TV celebrity, which becomes the springboard for another tilt at politics.

Some of the Germans Masucci met talked about their loss of faith in democracy and said they would vote for him. One even said Germany should build work camps for foreigners in a direct echo of the Nazi concentration camps.

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