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1. Hamas and other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip have chosen to escalate their attacks against Israeli civilians in the past few days.
2. 13,000 rockets have hit Southern Israel in the past 13 years
2000 rockets have struck the working class town of Sderot in the past 4 years
120 rockets were launched into Israel since Sunday
3. No country should accept a reality whereby civilians are continuously threatened by rockets fired by terrorists.  Australia wouldn’t, neither                   should Israel.
4. The operation has already achieved many objectives which have strategically debilitated Hamas and other terrorist organizations and have                significantly reduced their strategic capability to harm us:
a. A surgical strike on Hamas' top commander Ahmad Ja'abri who was responsible for the deaths of scores of Israelis.[i] 
b. The operation significantly reduced Hamas' ability to launch Fajar rockets aimed to strike Tel-Aviv and north of the country.
c. The operation reduced Hamas' ability to launch rockets at southern Israel.
The IDF is prepared, if need be, to broaden the scope of its operation, including a wide ground offensive and call-up of reserves.
6. The diplomatic and political complexity of embarking on such an operation has been taken into account and the government of Israel has                  therefore taken a number of public diplomacy and diplomatic steps prior to the operation. 
7. After the launch of the operation the Prime Minister spoke with US President Barack Obama.  The Prime Minister expressed his deep                       appreciation for US President Obama's support of Israel's right to defend itself.  In addition, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with US Vice                 President Joe Biden and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and other world leaders.
8. Hamas and other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip are flagrantly committing double war crimes: they use human shields to                             intentionally fire at civilians.  At the same time, the IDF is making the utmost effort to minimize the harm to civilians.
 9. Gaza serves as an Iranian forward operating base.
10. Israeli citizens support the operation and stand with the civilians living in the south.

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